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Today’s healthcare business climate is complex and competitive – VERY competitive.  And right now, the success of your Chiropractic practice depends on attracting and retaining new patients. 

This guide will help you identify the top mistakes that Chiropractors make with marketing and how to get started with your own successful marketing plan. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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The 10 Costliest Mistakes in Chiropractic Marketing

Our free e-book will identify the costliest mistakes and how to avoid them in marketing your chiropractic practice. We will also teach you how to start building your own marketing machine!

Linda Mettler Linda Mettler is the owner/founder of Mettler Marketing, based in Denver, Colorado.   Linda has 25+ years experience in the healthcare industry, with a focus on sales and marketing.  She has worked in the past for companies such as Bristol-Myers Squibb and Health Grades.  In 2010, she founded The Wellness Bridge, LLC and Mettler Marketing, LLC. Since that time she has worked with chiropractors, dental practices, and medical practices in Colorado and elsewhere in the U.S

Mettler Marketing works with Chiropractors in the areas of corporate events, lectures, health screenings (over 4,000 health screenings performed) and PI/Specialty marketing.  We are also experts in digital marketing for your chiropractic practice.  

Chiropractic Marketing Solutions was formed as a way to help teach chiropractors how to develop their own marketing strategy, prioritize and analyze tactics, and have organized and predictable growth within their practice.  We want to show you exactly how to implement the marketing tactics to help you grow!  





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Dr. Gary Rademacher,DC

Downtown's Healthcare Denver, CO

“Having difficulty finding time to attract new patients? Look no further! Let Linda show you how to attract new patients to your office. These new patients have a high awareness and are excited to come in and get checked out. I highly recommend Linda and Chiropractic Marketing Solutions!"

Dr. Troy Ryan, DC

Kambeitz Chiropractic

"I have had the pleasure of working with Linda to better market my chiropractic practice in the Centennial area. She certainly has the experience and expertise to help build my practice by means of health and wellness events. Linda has a wealth of knowledge for marketing and I would definitely recommend her services to a colleague."

...and the BIGGEST mistake???

Strategic Planning

Avoiding the Shotgun Approach

How to schedule productive marketing time

Measuring ROI

Your Digital Presence - what you need and what you don't

Setting up a system for health screening events

The 'Don'ts' of a health screening event

How to maximize productivity at your events

Community marketing mistakes

How to get (and NOT get) patient reviews

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